Inception: Our process is born of experience satisfying clients across many industries.

Building Augmented Reality projects can be daunting for a variety of reasons. Many new tools have surfaced and it is likely many more are on the way. Do you build for Snapchat with LensStudio ? Do you build for Facebook with AR Studio? Do you use raw AR-core or AR-kit?

Or maybe you are building for Hololens or another head-mounted device, or a heads-up style display. There’s a lot of tools, and a lot of decisions to be made. SolipsAR is excited to be your trusted partner, and we can work with you using a proven approach hardened from years of experience satisfying clients across many industries.

Solipsar’s approach to Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Project Discovery (Typically 1 – 2 weeks)​

The first phase of interaction involves getting to the heart of your goals. We’ll ask questions like:  What are you building and why?  Who is the target audience? What are the interactions?  The outputs from this phase are a set of requirements identifying key goals of the project.

Project Design (Typically 2 – 4 weeks)​

In the second phase we work directly with your stakeholders or designers – whoever owns the interest in the project and can help us create a reliable, achievable set of outcome goals. The outputs from this phase are user stories, acceptance criteria, and a design document which typically includes either wire frames, clickable prototypes, or fully rendered comps, depending on the needs. The final output from this phase is a project schedule.

Project Implementation (According to project schedule)

The implementation and delivery phases can be a single iteration for smaller projects, or may be repeating iterations for larger projects, delivering pieces of functionality iteratively. The outputs from this phase are plenty of testing, working programs, and demos.


Project Delivery and Acceptance 

Here you get to use your app, test your app, and if needed we can help you publish your titles into app stores, or deliver bundled packages.

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