With our partners at Tasktape, we are helping to build “Walkthrough by TaskTape”, an innovative digital “note taking” application. It is designed to streamline communication via Augmented Reality (AR) for projects of all magnitudes.

TaskTape provides a communication tool set that will directly connect your people with physical location projects.  We give you the ability to make task points marked with “tapes”.  TaskTape notes are created and recalled using mobile devices – mobile phone, tablet, and headset – at the real-space location using AR.  Apply information to each tape, layout job tasks and communicate vital information, via text memos, images, voice notes, and video.


Introducing SOLIPSAR's own

A 3D animated AR character, show casing our 3D work


Sol plays a little hide and seek, and has several adorable animations that keep you engaged. If you happen to come across one of our business cards, he’s easy to find. Stay tuned to see how concept art manifests into Augmented Reality!



the Ocean's Menders

Augmented Reality Book

Journey with 8yr old Dallas as she discovers the Portals of Poseidon and the daring Dolphin Defenders who use them to rescue friends in need all over the planet.

This is children’s books like you’ve never seen them before. Part book, part animation, part interactive story, we are thrilled to be involved in building out the future of your children’s experiences in educational and entertaining Augmented Reality.

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