Magic Leap Live Episode 1 Takeways

Magic Leap Live Episode 1 Takeways

Magic Leap Live – Episode 001

The Magic Leap Creator folks are putting together quite a lot of tooling and docs to help us early adopters get started with what I’ll call a comprehension-baseline for “spatial computing” and the Magic Leap SDK capabilities.

The developer-outreach on this makes a lot of sense, given the massive hype around this company and product (Magic Leap One). I’m beginning to see that Magic Leap is going the Apple or AWS route and making an “ecosystem play”, rather than building an AR headset that you can use with apps on your phone. Of course it may do that as well but they are clearly looking to also be THE ONE provider of the device, the tools, and the channels for delivery and monetization.

Makes perfect sense. Worked out damn well for Apple and if AR is as big as we hope, it should work out well for them. At SolipsAR we are super excited to finally have an SDK that we can tinker with and start understanding what all that money and all those brilliant minds have been up to.

What impressed me the most in that category is the “ground up” comprehensive approach to how to build Augmented Reality experiences they have clearly undertaken. Just listening to them talk you being to realize – they aren’t looking at this from a “lets put some pixels in the world” perspective – I mean that’s part of it – but they have started from more basic questions like “how does the brain perceive?”, “how do the eyes see?”, “where is the line of believability of an experience, and how many senses interact to create that? Where does it fail?”. In other words, I’m guessing they went completely “back to basics” of human perception in building their solution, rather than rushing out a “project a dwarf over there” splashy-but-so-what solution.

In this video they talk a lot about, as the title suggests, design, and how designing in a “spatial computing” environment differs from other experiences such as a 3D computer game or a VR experience.

We were excited to realize that our work on Sol, our AR Mascot, fits well into the pared back design experience they recommend in this video. He’s small, not super fast, and doesn’t come with tons of accoutrements. He’s just ‘around’, and you can interact with him if you choose. Sol will first be released for IOS/IPhone, Snapchat Lens and Facebook Effect, followed by ARCore/Google/Android. However we will absolutely be playing with him in the Magic Leap Creator tools as well.

You should check it out. If you haven’t watched it and would like to, here’s the link:

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